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King: Kasparov v Deeper Blue

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The best human brain takes on the most powerful computer brain. The match was billed as the final showdown between humanity and the computer. Chess has always been regarded as the most complex and intellectual of games. The IBM programmers were confident that the computer was finally too powerful, too fast and too accurate for the best exponent of the Royal Game. Has Deep Blue finally developed an understanding of strategy? Find the answer to these questions and many more inside! All the games with notes written for both the casual enthusiast and serious player. A penetrating analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of chess computers. A discussion of the value of chess to studies in Artificial Intelligence. Grandmaster Daniel King is author of several chess books including How Good is Your Chess and How to Win at Chess. He has been TV commentator at several chess events including the 1993 World Chess Championship and the Intel Grand Prix in 1994 and 1996, on which he reported for BBC, ESPN and Eurosports.\r\n112 Seiten, 1997, kartoniert, englisch.